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5 Ways to Celebrate Your Pet’s Gotcha Day

Pet Care Tips 3 min read
5 Ways to Celebrate Your Pet’s Gotcha Day

The day your furkiddo entered your life is a day you will never forget. You might forget the exact date but you will never forget all the different emotions you felt that day – joy, fear, love, excitement, tears, and smiles!

In some cases, pet parents don’t know their pet’s actual birthday and the Gotcha Day anniversary becomes the day you celebrate both! Not every adoption story is happy and rosy, some get off to a rough start and involve lots of struggle. But they are all meant to be.

Here are 5 ways to celebrate having your furbaby in your life on Gotcha Day.

1. Make a treat together

It is a long-standing tradition to share a meal or sweets with your loved ones on special occasions, regardless of whether or not they are furry. There are lots of great recipes out there for tasty, pet-friendly treats and some that humans will enjoy too!

Here are some great recipes to try:

Sophie’s Doggie Birthday Cake Recipe

Banana & Yogurt Ice Treat Recipe

Pumpkin Spice Treat Recipe

Maybe this Gotcha Day could be the start of regularly home-cooked meals? Not only is cooking for your pet healthier and tastier, but it creates a special bond between the two of you.


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2. Go on an adventure and spend some quality time

Is there something that your pet really likes to do but doesn’t get to very often? Maybe it’s going for a hike, a swim, having a playdate, or getting groomed. It is a great opportunity for you and your furkiddo to get some exercise and not to mention great photo-ops.

Make sure that where ever you choose is pet-friendly and the terrain won’t be too hard for your pet.

Make sure that where ever you choose is pet-friendly and the terrain won’t be too hard for your pet. Don’t forget to pack the cleanup bags and some water! If you and your pet are more the homebody types, there’s nothing better than some good old-fashioned TLC. Take the time to have some quality cuddles, thorough belly scratches, and make sure they feel the love.

Dogs and cats who love the indoors can bond over a nice movie or an indoor game. Some pets could use a spa session at home. There are pet acupuncturists and therapists who could help you find something suitable!


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3. Buy them a present

Been thinking about upgrading your pet’s collar or bed? Maybe it’s time to finally replace that old chewed-up toy. Upgrades to a softer bed or easier to walk into litter box are thoughtful gifts to make life more comfortable for your aging pet.

Have you been thinking about getting them started on an NHV holistic regimen? What better reason to finally get around to it than their Gotcha Day!


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4. Give back on behalf of your pet

For lots of pets, their furrever home was not their first home. For some, it was a shelter or a rescue where they depended on the kindness of strangers until their parents came into their lives. Show your gratitude for how you found each other by helping a local rescue or shelter that is caring for other furbabies waiting to find their humans. It can be as simple as a small donation or going for a visit to lend a helping hand. Or even just sharing a #nhvnaturalselfie 😉


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5. Start thinking about the future

As we celebrate another year of being together with our furkiddos, it can be a reminder that we might not have that much time left with them. That’s why it is always a good idea to think ahead and be proactive about your pet’s care.

Make sure that their vaccinations and vet visits are up to date, and consider what you can do to keep your furbaby happy and healthy. NHV offers products that can support your pet’s general wellbeing and works proactively to keep them feeling good.

Great proactive products are:

Multi Essentials, a multivitamin for your pet

PetOmega 3, enhances health and overall wellbeing

Turmeric, a super herb for pets of all ages

Natural Daily Pet Supplement Bundle, four products that will help your pet stay at the top of their game


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There are many other occasions and ways to celebrate your pet, no matter how you celebrate your pet we hope it is full of love and happiness. Cheers to all the memories you’ve made since your furkiddo came into your life and to the many more still to come.

Happy Gotcha Day from NHV

Who Rescues Who: The Pet Gotcha Day Stories That Were Meant To Be

Recipe: A Birthday Cake For Sophie The Canine Cancer Warrior

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Published: August 23, 2019

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