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Matricalm for Cats

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Anxious Cat No More! Taka’s Tale

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Taka, the anxious cat

Hissing, hunching shoulders, and hiding behind sofas are all common behaviors of an anxious cat (and sometimes, even us humans). If your kitty is experiencing anxiety, how can you help calm them down? The story of Honey and her little ones may offer some insights into this!

Taka: A Nervous Rescued Cat

Socializing a once-feral cat is not an easy feat. Like many shelter kitties, Taka was living happily in her forever home but struggled to socialize with other humans. Saving a kitty from a life in the streets is always admirable, but we never know what kind of traumas a newly adopted pet might have.

We found her when we were living in Arizona when she was about 6-8 weeks old and rescued her!

Changes can be quite nerve-wracking for cats, leading to anxiety and behavioral issues. Introducing Taka to new people got so stressful at one point, that she was even self-harming.

Taka was an extremely nervous cat, but a loving one. She doesn’t open up to people easily, and at one point her anxiety got so bad, she started attacking her tail.

Common Signs of an Anxious Cat

Different kitties act out their stress differently. Some, like Taka, might get aggressive and enter a “fight or flight” mode when threatened. But this is merely one example of an anxious cat.

Here are some other common signs to look out for if your little one is struggling to adjust to their new life: 

  • Growling or hissing
  • Keeping their belly close to the ground when walking
  • Trying to hide where they feel safe (eg. under the bed/couch)

Typical Triggers for an Anxious Cat

The causes of anxiety in cats vary as well, but it’s usually triggered by a big change in their routine or environment. Being surrounded by strangers, meeting new, unfamiliar animals, or visiting the veterinarian are a few examples. Even though some of these seem trivial and innocuous to us humans, cat parents need to keep their eyes out for their little one’s behavior when anything new happens.

In Taka’s case, an addition to the furmily triggered a stress response. It all started when Honey and her partner adopted another kitty, Yukito, at a local animal rescue in Houston. Naturally, Taka wasn’t feeling too excited about this strange new kitty suddenly moving into their home.  

The anxious cat's brother

My first kitty [Taka] is normally super anxious and aggressive at times, and she was completely standoffish when we got our second cat.

Despite the hard work Yukito put into connecting with his fursister, it was challenging for Taka to warm up to him. We all want our precious furkiddos to get along. That’s why Honey decided to try NHV natural calming supplement to help with her sweet girl’s behavioral issues.

Calming Taka Naturally

We thought they [Taka and Yukito] were never going to get along. But after using Matricalm consistently for a little over a month, theyre playing like normal, and even cuddling and grooming each other on occassion! I never thought peace was going to be an option between them, but MAN this really helped! Thank you!”

NHV Matricalm, the supplement Taka has been taking, is a blend of herbs vet-formulated to help reduce anxiety, agitation, aggressive behavior, and excitability in anxious cats and dogs.

Taka, the anxious cat, and her fur brother, Yukito, are cuddling.

We are so glad to hear that they are like best buds now! Looking at how adorable these fur siblings are now, you can never imagine the family’s struggle to get here! We hope Taka will continue to stay anxiety-free and enjoy her furbro’s company.

If you’re also dealing with an anxious cat, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We are always here to help address any behavioral issues, health concerns or even for proactive support.

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

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Published: May 10, 2023

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