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Bubba’s Crew: Supporting A Family Of Rescue Pups

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Bubba’s Crew: Supporting A Family Of Rescue Pups

Adopting a rescue dog usually requires a lot of patience, adopting six requires a superhero. Luckily for Bubba and his crew, that is exactly what their pawrents are.

Bubba the mastiff mix dog in a kiddie pool outside getting a bath

Bubba the Mastiff Mix was the first furry member of this crew. His pawrents Meghan and Abe adopted him eight years ago and have been involved with rescues ever since. As the family grew, Bubba stepped right up to being a big brother. He takes the other dogs under his wing and makes sure that they all know that he is the king of the household.

Blueberry the grey frenchie standing outside on the grass with her tongue sticking out

Another member of the crew is Blueberry. This little Frenchie was used for breeding by a backyard breeder in Los Angeles. She was surrendered by the breeder with the complaint that she did not get along with other dogs. It’s clear when you see photos of Blueberry with the other furkiddos in her family that her aggression towards other dogs was a product of her knowing that she deserved a better life. In her forever home, Blueberry is nothing but a lovebug who is happy to show affection towards her humans and furry siblings.

rufus the dog sitting on the sidewalk

Rufus joined the crew when he was only 4 months old. He was rescued from a hoarding situation in North Long Beach and was in desperate need of some tender loving care. He had a prolapsed rectum and had never been outside of his crate until he was rescued. When he arrived at his new home, he hardly understood how to be a dog, but big brother Bubba was there to show him the ropes. Now Rufus is a happy and healthy doggo who “loves everyone and everything” and is “the glue in our family”.

Piggie the dog sitting with his tongue out on the sidewalk

Rufus’ other brother is Piggie. Just in the nick of the time, Piggie was adopted the day he was scheduled to be euthanized at the Carson Animal Shelter 6 years ago. He is a big ball of quirks and love and prefers to spend his time hanging out with his family at home.

Peggy Sue relaxing out on the grass

Another Frenchie in the crew is Peggy Sue. She came all the way from China to find her forever home almost two years ago. Peggy Sue was kept in a cage at a pet shop where they used her for breeding. Peggy Sue needs a little extra support and care compared to her other crew members as she was injured badly while at the pet shop leaving her unable to walk or bark. In the care of Meghan and Abe, Peggy Sue is living her best life as a sassy and happy girl who gets all the love she can stand.

Black frenchie Gertie with her tongue sticking out

Finally, the furkiddo who introduced us to this crew, Gertie. This little lady is Meghan’s best friend and soulmate. Gertie found her pawrents through Road Dogs & Rescue who specialize in finding Bulldogs their forever homes. Someone had contacted Road Dogs from a dog auction in Missouri and offered to purchase as many dogs as they could if Road Dogs was able to take them in. Meghan saw a video of Gertie and immediately applied to be her foster parent. It has been three years since then, and Meghan and Gertie have been completely inseparable. It was truly meant to be.

It was when Meghan left a review on our website about how Resp-Aid was helping Gertie that we started chatting with this incredible family of rescue pups.

Bought this a few months ago to help my senior French Bulldog with her breathing. I believe it’s made such a difference, it’s a supplement she will now always take.

Gertie has had a rough year dealing with health issues, especially skin allergies and respiratory infections. On top of being a brachycephalic dog (dog breeds that have short snouts or flat faces that make them more prone to breathing issues), Gertie also has issues with her sinuses and seasonal allergies. The combination of these issues has caused Gertie to get infections and congestion in her nose and lungs. Her pawrents are dedicated to helping her stay healthy and do whatever they can to keep her airways clear. Alongside taking the NHV Asthma Kit for Respiratory Relief which includes both Resp-Aid and Stimmune, Gertie also gets a nebulizer treatment every other night and eats a limited ingredient diet.

Gertie sitting on a chair with NHV Resp-Aid and Stimmune

While Gertie has been doing better lately, her big brofur, Bubba was recently suspected of having Liver Cancer. They are still waiting on the results of his biopsy, but no matter what the results are, we know that he will be given all the care, support, and love imaginable. Meghan started him on the Blood Detox Gold Health Kit which includes Milk Thistle, our primary liver support supplement, as well as Turmeric, ES-Clear, and BK Detox which are all helpful in supporting pets while they fight cancer.

Bubba laying next to the table, Gertie standing on the table next t boxes of NHV Milk Thistle, ES-Clear, BK Detox, Turmeric

We are so blessed to not only meet furmilies like this one but help them make many more happy memories together. To follow along with the crew’s journey, you can follow them on Instagram at @bubbas_crew.

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Published: October 1, 2020

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