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Probiotic & Prebiotic for Cats

Vet-formulated. Helps with gut, immune, and anxiety support

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Building a Strong Cat Gut: Makoa

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white cat with cat gut health issues eating cat food from blue and white bowl with NHV Probiotic and Prebiotic placed by the bowl's side

Maintaining cat gut health is an integral part of their overall wellness. Our furriends’ intestinal microbiota, or gut flora, form a mini-ecosystem in their digestive tract, working hard to keep their hosts (your little one) healthy in various ways!

Here’s what having a balanced “gut ecosystem” does:

Maintaining cat gut health is an integral part of your pet’s overall wellness.

  • Barrier protection: They help keep disease-causing bacteria out of your little one’s body.
  • Nutrition: They break down their food and extract nutrients they wouldn’t get otherwise, like vitamins and energy.
  • Metabolism: They help the body convert food into usable energy for everyday activities.
  • Immunity: They train your furkid’s immune system to recognize and fight off bad bacteria, keeping them strong and disease-free!

As you can see, if you don’t maintain cat gut health and balance microbes, it could compromise all these aspects. Certified dog trainer and Catster’s writer, Sara Seitz, has shared her journey in restoring gut health for her kitty, Makoa.

How Does Sara Support Makoa’s Cat Gut Health?

Sara understands how important a pet’s digestive system is and the benefits of probiotics. Therefore, she has been consistently giving her rescue – Makoa – probiotic supplements.

I have been giving my cat, Makoa, probiotic supplements since I rescued him six months ago. I found him as a five-week-old kitten with fleas and a terrible respiratory infection. It took months of antibiotics and care to get him back to decent health. All those antibiotics and medications so early in his life took a huge toll on his gut. I know because every time he uses the litter box, you can smell it from a mile away. The probiotics I’ve used in the past have helped, but he still suffered from occasional diarrhea and gas.

Feral cats are more vulnerable to diseases, hence, sometimes, medications are necessary and even life-saving. However, they can bring about significant and lasting changes to your furkid’s gut microbiome. This is because vet-prescribed medicines and treatment may get rid of beneficial bacteria along with the harmful ones they are intended to target.

Makoa’s Experience with NHV Prebiotic + Probiotic

For this reason, Sara decided to give NHV Probiotic + Prebiotic a shot.

Makoa is taking NHV Probiotics for Building a Strong Cat Gut. The white paw is touching our supplement which is inside a medium-sized cardbox
I started this supplement over a month ago with high hopes. Of course, Makoa had other plans. After about a week with promising results, he ate an elastic hairband and had to undergo emergency surgery for a bowel obstruction. Once he was back on solid food I immediately started reintroducing this probiotic. He was on two different antibiotics and I was having flashbacks to the days of explosive diarrhea and house-clearing litter box visits. Despite all the meds and multiple diet changes during his recovery, Makoa’s stomach held up impressively well. I 100% credit NHV’s Probiotic+Prebiotic for this.

Our vets formulated NHV Probiotic + Prebiotic specifically for your cat’s consumption. It has 7 shelf-stable, soil-based, spore-forming probiotics, with each scoop containing 5 Billion CFU (Colony Forming Units – the amount of active good bacteria). These natural ingredients also enhance other aspects of your pet’s body, promoting well-functioning and restoring balance.

Natural Lactobacillus bacteria help repopulate the gut and restore balance for long-term health. Bacillus and S. boulardii actively attack bad bacteria in the gut to create more space for good bacteria to thrive. S. bouladii is also unaffected by antibiotics, making this a wonderful supplement for maintaining gut health during antibiotic use.

These probiotic strains work with the prebiotics to help keep your kitty’s digestive system in tip-top shape!

Consistency goes a long way when it comes to using natural supplements,

Now that he’s fully recovered, I continue to use it daily. He’s no longer having issues with diarrhea or excess gas. And his litter box visits have gotten noticeably less stinky.

Continuously taking the supplement is vital for your pet’s lifelong well-being! Keeping this in mind, NHV supplements are all-natural and entirely safe to use long-term.

Makoa’s Pawgress

This powerful supplement has made a huge difference in my rescue cat’s gut health and it helped immensely with his recovery from bowel surgery.

We can’t be happier to learn that Makoa has benefited from our supplement and Sara even told us she started seeing “a difference in my cat after the first week” ! Of course, please note that every furkiddo’s body is unique, so the time for our supplement to take effect may vary.

I was so impressed with the results, that I started using the product on my senior Chihuahua, Papyrus, whose midnight bowel movements were putting a damper on my beauty sleep. A week in, and things are already improving.

Want to know why else Sara chooses NHV Probiotic & Prebiotic? Click here for her full review!

NHV Probiotic + Prebiotic Review 2024
Full review video of NHV Probiotic + Prebiotic for cat gut health

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Published: February 22, 2024

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