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Eazy Breathing for Beazy – Heart Failure in dogs

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Eazy Breathing for Beazy – Heart Failure in dogs

We first heard from Beazy’s mum Cassy when her beloved pup was struggling with heart disease. After it had steadily progressed to Heart Failure, Cassy wanted to find something else that she could give to her sweet fur kid.

Heart Disease affects 7.8 Million dogs in the US; that’s a staggering 10% of all the dogs currently in the United States. Unlike human Heart Disease, there are not many steps we can take to prevent it (healthy diet, no smoking), although cases that progress from Heartworm are preventable. NHV’s Hearty-Heart can be used as a preventative to help lower your pup’s chance of getting the disease. 

As heart disease progresses, it begins to affect the kidneys as well as the cardiovascular system. Beazy was caught in a similar loop where all his vital organs had now been affected. As a result, our recommendation for Beazy had to be a comprehensive one that included support for the heart as well as the kidneys.

Beazy, like any other dog, wanted to be active and would love to fetch the ball for his mom. Heart disease often puts a cap on playtime and exercise, but thankfully with his regimen, Beazy was quickly able to be the playful boy he is.

My review is of Tripsy in conjunction with Resp-AidHearty-Heart, and Tumeric. My Beazy has had heart disease for a few years (I wish I had known about these tonics then!) and has recently progressed into Heart Failure. I’ve been using the four tonics for almost a month, in addition to his prescription meds from his cardiologist. He seems to be responding well. His kidney levels have been consistently elevated. Hopefully, they are more stable now but haven’t had any blood testing or imaging done to see exactly what’s going on. From what I can see, he’s great. A cough that was occasional has almost gone, and his resting breaths are in a very low range ☺️

The symptoms of Heart Disease can be hard to diagnose, especially at an early stage. Detection of a murmur or arrhythmia can be an early sign of heart disease, so it is crucial to get your pup checked out every 6-12 months at a routine health check.


The most common form of Heart Disease is valvular disease, which makes up 70-75% of cases yearly. Dilated cardiomyopathy makes up 8% of all cases of heart disease in dogs.  Valvular disease is most common in small breed dogs over 5 years old, whereas large breed dogs are more often affected by dilated cardiomyopathy.

Once heart disease progresses, it turns into heart failure. Once this sets in, you see symptoms such as:

  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Distended abdomen
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Coughing

Pupdate August 2019 – 4 months in

Cassy sent us this update on Beazy, and we are so happy to hear everything is well!

He’s doing really well. He’s playful and spunky, eating well, and at his 3-month appointment (August) since his official diagnosis of Congestive Heart Failure, he had no fluid in his lungs and his heart had shrunk. He of course has a lower tolerance for long walks, takes frequent breaks with the ball, but I’m really happy. I think that I mentioned in my review that he is on 4 medications prescribed by his cardiologist, just in the interest of full disclosure! But, when he has prescribed them, the vet did say “they’ll make him more comfortable,” and, he seems to me, more than just comfortable, he seems, “well.” I attribute the supplements! In fact, he does not need to check-in for another 6 months

Which supplements helped Beazy?

Sweet Beazy’s Heart Disease had already progressed to Heart Failure, but his NHV regimen is helping him stay happy and healthy while living with the disease. Beazy is lucky to be supported and loved by a fantastic mom who researched his condition and chose the perfect supplements to help. For pets going through Heart disease and Heart failure, the trio of supplements, Hearty-Heart, Resp Aid, and Turmeric, make the purrfect choice.

In addition, we recommend NHV Tripsy as a preventative support for the kidneys for the first few months of the regimen, especially if the kidneys are also affected.


Hearty-Heart – is an effective, gentle, natural herbal remedy that helps to support heart health and promotes healthy heart function in dogs. The supplement can help to relieve symptoms such as coughing and difficulty breathing. Most heart conditions are those that your pet will end up living with for the rest of their lives, so Hearty Heart has been specially formulated to be safe for everyday use. The herbs in Hearty Heart provide support for the heart, valves, and pulmonary system. It can also improve blood flow, ease coughing, improve breathing, and aid appetite.

Resp Aid – is an all-natural herbal formula for the treatment of coughs caused by allergies, infections, irritants, and asthma. The ingredients in Resp-Aid help to ease many symptoms including:

  • Watery eyes
  • Runny Nose
  • Sneezing
  • Fatigue
  • Coughing
  • Shortness of breath

The supplement contains a natural anti-inflammatory action to soothe and fight the infection, easing chest and nose congestion. Pets with Heart problems regularly suffer from coughs and shortness of breath, which Resp-Aid helps to ease.

Turmeric –  There is an active compound in turmeric called curcumin, which is beneficial for dogs suffering from cardiovascular problems. It helps to oxygenate the blood leading to improved heart and circulatory function. This oxygen also helps prevent tissue from dying off and ward away bacteria who prefer an environment with less oxygen. Being anti-bacterial helps reduce the number of bacteria that can lead to infections, and the anti-inflammatory nature decreases any vascular inflammation.

At NHV, our supplements for heart problems in dogs are safe to be given long-term along with any vet-prescribed medication. If you have questions, you can always ask an NHV expert about any of our heart supplements for dogs. We’re here to help your canine live longer and healthier naturally.

Eazy Breathing for Beazy - Heart Failure in dogs

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NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

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Published: September 16, 2019

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  1. Team NHV says:

    Hi Nancy,

    We’re so sorry and worried to learn about your sweet boy’s health concerns. We can only imagine how stressful this has been for both of you, and we’d like you to know that we’re here to help you support your boy’s health naturally. Our vet team has suggested the following regimen to help you support his body against the symptoms.

    Hearty Heart is our main heart health supplement, which has properties to help support healthier blood circulation, heart functions and may help with restlessness.

    The rich antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties in Turmeric curcumin may help support the heart, joints, liver and gently manage his discomfort.

    We have Milk Thistle to help support his liver and help with naturally detoxifying the toxins from his liver and kidneys.

    The dietary supplements support his body and complement the conventional vet treatment help manage the discomfort from the ascites, edema, enlarged heart, and congestive heart failure symptoms.

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us a message. We’re always here for you and your little one. ❤ Sending lots of love and healing energy to him.

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