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Pet Cancer Super Support Kit (Cancer Kit 3)

ES-Clear, Milk Thistle & Turmeric

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For her cat Peachez, she found milk thistle 12 years ago

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For her cat Peachez, she found milk thistle 12 years ago

Milk Thistle has been valued and used for centuries for its powerful medicinal properties. Today it is grown in many parts of the world for medical use and is well known for its use in the treatment of liver disease. In fact, studies have shown that Milk Thistle might be able to decrease or reverse damage to the liver, which may be caused by the use of prescription medications, antibiotics, heavy metals, and household pollutants.

NHV Milk Thistle is vet-formulated to bring these benefits to pets. It helps detoxify the liver by removing toxins that can build up in a pet’s system due to disease, pharmaceuticals, or chemically-laden foods. These benefits got re-confirmed when Judy left us this update:

Most definitely recommend…their [NHV] products have helped keep our girl alive all these years, we continue to buy monthly… our girl Peachez (our kitty) will be 14yrs old soon…  She has had cancer for over a year but has had liver problems over 12yrs now & she’s still going strong. We have had milk thistle for many years on hand because of her issues years ago & we found out a little over a year ago she has cancer so my mom ordered other products… she’s still going good…Milk Thistle has been saving her life for over 12yrs, even when the docs said she won’t make it, she is our fighter…So is her brother too he has health issues… Our babies!
peaches 14 year old cat

This left us asking for more. We were excited to see Peachez and ask more about what is going on with this special baby girl. Here’s the story, as shared by Judy.

Many years ago a stray cat came to our front door and we took her in. She was pregnant from an orange/white kitty. The mom had the babies & we had to cut the bags open & cut their umbilical cords because the mom was scared… my Peachez was not breathing so I wrapped her in a washcloth & put her on my chest & talked to her. I knew then I was keeping her. She started breathing, I named her Peachez after her dad (the stray Male who was poisoned by a neighbor before they were born)…

my Peachez was not breathing so I wrapped her n a washcloth & put her on my chest & talked to her. I knew then I was keeping her.

Peachez and Smokey are from the same litter… Couple of years went by they were healthy.

milk thistle for cats peachez and smokey

We took in some poisonous frogs from a friend who had to move, one got out & Peachez licked him. She got very sick very fast. She stopped eating, started turning yellow, she got yellow jaundice, we took her to the vet he said she was dying. Her organs were shutting down and it was time to put her down. That was not happening so my mom started researching and got IVs to give her & she came across your website with milk thistle. So she ordered it, she started giving it to Peachez along with baby food, pedialite & broths… it worked she started getting better…She lived.

peachez small cat

She was better for 12years then a lil over a year ago we took them to get checkups they were both healthy except she needed a tooth out, they insisted on shots. So not thinking about Peaches’ past we got the shots and set an appointment to get her tooth out.

Two months later we went to get her tooth out & blood work came back with everything elevated. They thought she had Cholangiohepatitis. We started treating her. Around that time Smokey started having chronic arthritis, bad allergies, hypothyroidism, rhinitis, upper respiratory infections nonstop also a heart murmur with an enlarged heart…

milk thistle for cats peachez and smokey

Peachez & Smokey weren’t getting any better so we started going to many different doctors like internal med, oncologists, holistic vets, cardiovascular doctors and we continue to treat her. Peachez has a heart murmur, small cell lymphoma, IBD & a bad tooth… But she is still on milk thistle which is keeping her organs good…they have their good & bad days but if it wasn’t for that milk thistle she wouldn’t be here today.

smokey cat judy smith

We have fighters. Especially Peachez. Peachez was on milk thistle years ago when she was sick then she got better… we stopped it but kept it on hand for emergency & we found out she had health problems again & we put her back on it & her organs are still good…

We gave Smokey milk thistle as well to make sure his organs will b safe because with his conditions it can spread to his organs just like Peachez…

They are very loved spoiled babies. They have a younger sister & brother from the same mom but a litter from a year after…

Wow, 12 years! It makes us happy to know that when everyone else gave up on her, her mom gave Milk Thistle a chance and she found all these beautiful years together. We hope that she finds healthier and happier years ahead too!

Recommendations for Peachez and Smokey:

Though the two siblings have a lot going on and we have a blend for everything that they are facing, but we are going to keep our recommendations limited to the bare essentials.

Both pets need to continue with Milk Thistle and add ES Clear and Turmeric to the life-long regimens (to ensure better overall wellbeing as they age). Smokey should use Natures Immuno as well. Natures Immuno can help keep his immune system supported, help his kidneys and heart, and also support his lungs.

Peachez started taking Milk thistle as a young cat and is now 14 years old. This is one herb that helps pets of all ages and supports a pet’s body preventively as well.

Are you wondering if you need to give your pet Milk Thistle? If your answer is a yes to any of these questions then yes, you should consider adding Milk Thistle to your pet’s regimen:

1. Your pet has been chronically ill at some point in the past when you had to give pharmaceutical drugs for a long period
2. Your pet has recently been under anesthesia for surgery or for tooth extractions
3. Your pet is fighting a health condition like cancer, kidney disease, stones, diabetes, Cushing’s, or any reoccurring viral, bacterial, or fungal infection
4. Your pet has been eating processed food most of their life
5. Your pet won’t eat anything but kibbles
6. Your pet is a rescue and you don’t know if there was anything in the past that may have damaged his or her liver health
7. Your pet has eaten or swallowed something he shouldn’t have – toxic or harmful foods or chemicals
8. The latest blood work showed elevated liver enzymes

vino baby milk thistle

Talk to an NHV Pet Expert today to find out if your pet can benefit from Milk Thistle. We would love to help!

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

We have a dedicated group of pet expert professionals, including veterinarians, vet techs, and other pet professionals to guide you through any questions. We’re committed to your pet’s wellness and can offer additional tips, resources, nutritional advice, and more.

Published: September 11, 2018

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