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Skin Relief and Coat Health Kit

Stimmune & Ouch Away Spray

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Hair loss in cats – Zimba’s new fur coat will surprise you

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Hair loss in cats – Zimba’s new fur coat will surprise you

One of the most stressful things as a pet parent is to see your pet’s health shift and have no idea why. In September 2018, a beautiful orange tabby named Zimba developed sores on his legs and started to lose the fur on his body and hind legs.

His parents couldn’t figure out what had made this dramatic change in his appearance and turned to the vet for help. They started Zimba on steroid injects to help in the short term. Unfortunately, this did not completely heal and clear the sores or help his coat. They had an idea that hair loss in cats could be related to various allergies. They tried various specialized diets. Still, Zimba did not find any relief. After that, Zimba’s mom and dad found out about NHV and got him the recommended supplements from NHV’s UK Resellers, Nature Angel UK.

We are delighted to see our handsome boy looking happy and healthy. We are amazed at how quickly his coat has grown back.

Orange tabby cat laying on a dark green table cloth outside with hair missing from body and back legs.
Zimba 2 weeks after starting NHV

Orange tabby cat sitting in front of window with full body of beautiful, soft fur.
Zimba 6 weeks after starting NHV

Skin Relief and Coat Kit

Zimba uses the Skin Relief and Coat kit which contains two products, Stimmune and Ouch-Away Spray.


Stimmune encourages a healthy response to allergies and infection, helps ease allergy symptoms, and supports the immune system.

Ouch Away Spray

Ouch-Away Spray promotes hair growth, calms skin irritation, and helps fight infection.

Zimba's parents were so happy to report that his coat dramatically improved after 6 weeks of using NHV.

Zimba’s parents were so happy to report that his coat dramatically improved after 6 weeks of using NHV. We are so blessed to be able to help Zimba and other furkiddos like him that are struggling with hair loss and allergies. Thanks to our dear friends and wholesalers Nature Angel in the UK, we are able to help more pets from around the globe.

Pupdate – October 2019:

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Hair loss in cats is always difficult to treat. There can be so many different causes that it can take a long time before the pet owners and the veterinarians can exactly identify what is going on. While this struggle continues, it is safe to use NHV’s Coat Relief Kit to help keep the symptoms in control. Talk to your NHV Pet Experts for more information.

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NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

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Published: September 23, 2019

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