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Moving Abroad: How to Fly With a Large Dog Internationally?

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Collage with two photos of pet parents inside an airplane with their dogs to illustrate how to fly with a large dog.

Have you ever wondered how to fly with a large dog? Making the decision to move across countries can’t be easy, especially if you bring your big furkiddo along. NHV’s President, Patra de Silva, saw for herself the struggles of traveling with a pup as she shared her knowledge about natural support with pet parents aboard one of the first K9 Jets flights.

Preparing for an International Flight with Your Pet

Flying with an animal of any size demands a lot of research and preparation. That’s because each airline and destination might have different rules and regulations. Did you know that some countries require the pet to quarantine for ten days once they arrive, for example? We helped a family go through this when they moved from Hong Kong to Australia with their senior Chihuahua.

Flying with an animal of any size demands a lot of research and preparation.

The rules also differ depending on your pet’s size and breed. But in most cases, if you have a pet over 8 kilos or 18 lbs, they won’t be allowed to travel in the cabin with you. These concerns were on our President’s mind when she embarked on one of the first K9 Jets flights from New York to London.

How to Fly With a Large Dog Stress-Free

If you are a pet parent, sharing a small airplane with nine other humans and dogs of all sizes roaming free probably sounds like a dream come true. But having different dogs spend hours together in a closed space can also be concerning. Flying a regular commercial airplane with a large dog also has its challenges.

That’s why Patra de Silva gave each furry passenger aboard the K9 Jets flight a kit with our calming supplements, NHV Lesstress and NHV Matricalm, two days before the trip. Both herbal formulas contain Chamomile, Passion Flower, and Lemon Balm. These calming herbs act on the nervous and immune systems to help to reduce anxiety, hyperactivity, and excitability. 

Having these supplements on board proved helpful when one of the pups started panting and struggled to settle down. This is what Patra had to say about the experience:

All of the dogs had a meet-up two days before to give them some time to get used to each other before the flight. Even so, one of the dogs was uncomfortable at the beginning of the trip. I gave him a dosage of Lesstress, and within 10 minutes, you could see that he was slowing down.

To help ease dogs into stressful situations like moving or traveling, we always recommend starting on Lesstress and/or Matricalm at least a month before the trip. This will give their nervous system and hormone levels enough time to feel the full benefits of the herbs ahead of time. 

The Furmilies We Met and Their Amazing Journeys

Photo of Rocky, a golden large dog holding a box of Lesstress in his mouth in preparation for his first international flight to illustrate a blog about how to fly with a large dog internationally.

When you think about how to fly with a large dog, it takes a lot from the pet parents to make it happen. At NHV we hear heartwarming stories of pet parents going above and beyond for their little ones every single day. The families that NHV President, Patra, met during the trip weren’t any different.

One of the pet parents I met drove from Seattle all the way to New York with her 2-year-old Golden Retriever pup so they could catch the plane together. She was relocating for a year to London for her job, and she needed to bring her furkiddo along.

This was the first time these pet parents shared a plane cabin with other dogs. So the crew and passengers also have some funny memories of the experience.

A furparent shared with me that their Irish Wolf Hound aboard the plane hadn’t pooped in over two days. This can happen when a pet is stressed, but we were all worried that he would have a little toilet accident on the plane. It became an inside joke among all of us! But he behaved like a gentleman, and his bowel movements went back to normal as soon as we landed.

We’re relieved to hear that all the pups had a safe and comfortable flight. We know that not everyone can opt for a pay-per-seat private jet, but please know that there are other options for a family relocating with their furkiddos. Whatever your moving experience, natural calming supplements can go a long way in supporting your little one through it all. Either way, next time you think about how to fly with a large dog, please know that our team of pet experts is always here for you!

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

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Published: March 7, 2023

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