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Cardiovascular Super Support Health Kit

Hearty-Heart & Turmeric

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My Dog Has Congestive Heart Failure – Now What?

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My Dog Has Congestive Heart Failure – Now What?

Congestive heart failure in dogs, or CHF, occurs commonly among senior pets. It is a broad term that essentially means your dog’s heart can’t pump blood efficiently to the rest of the body. This causes fluid to back up in the chest, causing chest congestion. It can be caused by a failure of the left side, right side, or both sides of the heart. 20–25 percent of dogs between the ages of 9 and 12 years can be affected by congestive heart failure. Experts say that if CHF is caught early on, quality of life and life expectancy can be good. 

Yorkshire Terriers are prone to multiple types of heart disease

Yorkshire Terriers are prone to multiple types of heart disease, which can occur both early and later in life. Small dogs, in general, tend to be more prone to developing CHF because the heart valves tend to degenerate more than in larger breeds. Vodka the senior Yorkie was diagnosed a year and a half ago with congestive heart failure, and her mom started looking for holistic options.

According to a recent study, as pet parents, our risk of having a cardiovascular event such as stroke or heart attack, and your risk of death, are lower if you have a dog. So let’s take the best care we can of our little ones!

My 10-year-old dog was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. In November of 2017. She has been prescribed 4 different types of medication. I read about the benefits of NHV and decided to purchase the Hearty-Heart and Turmeric in March of 2019. She got better! Her state of being returned to being more playful and happy. I stopped giving her the discomfort medication and continued her heart meds and her NHV supplements. Thank you NHV!

Here’s Vodka with her siblings, Max and Mimo! Look how precious the three of them are. They are all #NHVpets!

yorkie dogs posing with NHV supplements

Update May 2019: Here is Vodka having her birthday pawty with her brothers. We wish her all the belly rubs and (pup-friendly) cake!

My Dog Has Congestive Heart Failure - Now What?

PUPDATE July 2019:

Vodka update. I want to say that since March of this year she started with alternative heart medicine and she Has been happy. The most surprising thing was that she could not walk and her doctor did x-rays and said her ligaments were injured and she needed surgery, but in her condition could not undergo the surgery. The news was given to me last February. On March 1, I received the NHV medicine and only two days later she started walking and jumping. Her doctor was amazed! The discomfort medicine that she gave helped a lot and I showed her the wonderful medicine from NHV that cured Vodka! So, now, in July, it has been 1 year and 8 months since she was diagnosed with congestive heart disease. Sometimes she has some bad times, but very little. THANK YOU.

We hope to continue to support Vodka and her siblings naturally – so they are all brave and ready for their next adventure!

Heart Support for little yorkie Vodka

NHV Hearty-Heart contains a blend of natural herbs to strengthen and support the heart, and help symptoms of heart conditions like coughing, difficulty breathing, and circulation issues. It contains hawthorn, which has cleansing effects on the heart and vascular system.

NHV Turmeric contains curcumin, an ingredient with powerful antioxidant properties to support the cardiovascular system. It is a natural anti-inflammatory that has shown benefits towards heart complications and even heart failure.

You can get the two together in a money-saving wellness pack called NHV Cardiovascular Super Support Health Kit

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Has your little one recently been diagnosed with a heart condition? Reach out to our team of Pet Experts, for all your health questions.

Lala’s Story: Helping a dog with Congestive Heart Failure

Congestive Heart Failure in dogs and a natural support

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

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Published: April 30, 2019

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