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NHV Goes to UK – Canadian Business Women’s Trade Mission to Europe

NHV Behind The Scenes 2 min read
NHV Goes to UK – Canadian Business Women’s Trade Mission to Europe

Hello NHV friends! As you may know, NHV has been helping kitties and pups from all over the world for many years. But, the interesting part about our company is that it is a female-owned leading company that focuses on herbal alternatives for natural pet health. There are not many companies like this in the nation, or even globally.

NHV Natural pet products team

NHV listened and now, some exciting opportunities are coming our way!

Often times we have customers asking if we sell our products closer to them. NHV listened and now, some exciting opportunities are coming our way! NHV is hoping to broaden and expand distribution internationally to help even more pets. We want our friends in Europe to have easy access to natural alternatives to help their furry kids with their conditions.

NHV Natural pet products with pets

NHV has been invited to participate in the Canadian Business Women’s Trade Mission to Europe. This event involves 14 business women from Canada that will be traveling abroad to promote their company with the intent to integrate more Canadian exporting from women-owned companies. The idea is to open business opportunities in the European market and the Canadian government is facilitating meetings with B2B clients both in Germany and the UK. Canada is pretty great, eh?

The Canadian government takes great pride in supporting women in the business industry to thrive throughout leadership opportunities, both nationally and globally. Business Women in International Trade helps connect female-owned Canadian companies and their products to international diverse suppliers. The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service helps Canadian companies achieve their international business goals. This is done through connections with global merchandise trading partners to allow worldwide exports of Canadian goods and services.

nhv natural pet products UK

As NHV continues to do well in the Western world, the next step through this event is business opportunities in the European market. We are so proud and excited to be part of this Canadian delegation that helps to support women leaders! So keep an eye out for those bottles, because they may soon be coming to a location near you!

Women-focused trade missions are designed to help women entrepreneurs achieve success in international markets. Women benefit from the advice and assistance of the Trade Commissioner Service before, during, and after the trade mission. –The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service.


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Published: November 2, 2018

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