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Tripsy™ for Sheep and Goats

Vet-formulated support for urinary tract and kidney disorders.

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NHV Helps Marcie With Her Struvite Stones

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NHV Helps Marcie With Her Struvite Stones

Thank you Pier for sharing Marcie’s success with us!

Tripsy has been a significant help in dissolving and suppressing further development of Marcie’s struvite stones. Excellent formulation!

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What is Struvite Stones in Dogs?

Struvite stones are the most common urinary stones in dogs and are composed of the minerals: magnesium, ammonium, and phosphate. Signs that a dog is suffering from struvite stones include frequent and/ or uncomfortable urination, excessive licking of the genitals, and occasionally blood in the urine.

How Does NHV Tripsy Help?

NHV Tripsy contains a powerful blend of natural herbs (stone root, parsley piert, wild hydrangea, gravel root, echinacea purpura, marshmallow, and oregon grape), which help to dissolve the stones, alleviate uncomfortable symptoms, and inhibit infection. This proprietary formulation was developed by a holistic vet and a master herbalist to help pets suffering from stones, kidney disease, urinary tract infections, and more. Here’s a bit of information on how each herb works:

Stone Root helps to prevent kidney calculi formation and has been used in herbalism to treat and prevent gravel in the urinary system and gallbladder.

Parsley Piert is traditionally used for the treatment of kidney function, bladder stones, cystitis, and recurrent urinary infections.

Wild Hydrangea helps break down, dissolve and remove calculi as well as helps the body remove waste. It also helps relieve discomfort and reduces the formation of urinary calculi.

Gravel Root is an anti-inflammatory herb that helps support urinary health. It also helps break down calculi in the bladder and kidneys and is helpful with relieving the discomfort associated with struvite stones.

Echinacea Purpurea helps reduce inflammation, inhibit bacterial formation, and support the overall health of the urinary tract.

Marshmallow is a very nutritive herb that helps control bacterial infection.

Oregon Grape is a herb with antibiotic, immunostimulatory, and sedative activities.

Is your pet suffering from struvite stones? Try NHV Tripsy today

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NHV Pet Experts

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Published: March 7, 2017

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