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TumFlora for Cats

Natural Support for Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Cats

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Addressing inflammatory bowel disease in cats naturally

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Collage with two photos of Boris, a black cat with inflammatory bowel disease in cats. In the first image he is wearing a cone and is inside a crate. On the second picure he is smelling a bottle of Tumflora, a herbal supplement that helps address inflammatory bowel disease in cats naturally.

Boris had to learn the hard way that inflammatory bowel disease in cats can be a very uncomfortable and stressful condition. This issue, also known as IBD, causes constant inflammation and irritation in your kitty’s gastrointestinal tract (GI). This condition leads not only to damage to your cat’s digestive tract but also to prevent the body from absorbing nutrients.

Consistent vomiting was the main sign Boris’ mom Laurène noticed on her little guy. But inflammatory bowel disease in cats can also cause diarrhea, weight loss, lethargy, lack of appetite and anemia. As if that wasn’t enough, he also had his gallbladder removed due to several cases of stones.

After trying a few options to address these symptoms, Laurène wanted to give a holistic approach a try and heard all about our main IBD support supplement, TumFlora.

We have tried numerous products, and nothing has worked as well as Tumflora in reducing my IBD kitty’s vomiting. We still have a few episodes a month, but since starting this supplement over a month ago, we have seen a drastic reduction in frequency and types of vomit. He also had his gall bladder removed due to numerous stones, and has had well maintained kidney disease. Thankfully, we have been able to mitigate his symptoms without the use of medications with the help of NHV’s vet Dr. Amanda, and his holistic vet.
Boris, a black cat with copper eyes, sits in a kitchen counter and looks at the camera. Blog post about Inflammatory bowel disease in cats.

Diet for cats with inflammatory bowel disease

There isn’t a consensus on what is the main cause of inflammatory bowel disease in cats, but intolerance or allergies to certain foods can be partially responsible for triggering this GI inflammation. Knowing that Laurène reached out to our in-house vet nutritionist, Dr. Amanda for an IBD-friendly diet for Boris.

And that’s when Boris commenced his natural healing journey. With a personalized nutrition plan in hand, and the recommendation to add NHV Yucca, NHV Tumflora and NHV Tripsy to his diet.

We had a great consultation with Dr. Amanda about what supplements to use by NHV. Boris has been doing so well since the addition of Yucca, Tumflora & Tripsy. He has IBD and recently had his gallbladder removed. We are so happy that between these supplements and food therapy we are able to avoid the use of long term medications – at least for the time being! Thank you NHV!
Image of a black cat smelling a bottle of Tumflora, a herbal supplement that helps address inflammatory bowel disease in cats naturally.

Herbal supplements for IBD in cats

NHV Tumflora is our main all-natural supplement that helps address inflammatory bowel disease in cats. This herbal blend contains anti-inflammatory properties that help maintain a healthy digestive tract.  

Boris is also taking NHV Yucca for extra support. Yucca contains two powerful compounds that work on the mucous membranes of the small intestines helping with the penetration and absorption of minerals and vitamins. This super herb also helps improve immune function, acts as a natural appetite stimulant and has discomfort-reducing properties.

Lastly, Laurène, is giving Boris NHV Tripsy for his gallbladder stones condition. Tripsy contains gentle and effective ingredients that help encourage healthy kidney function and proper urinary health. Among the herbs included in Tripsy, Stone Root aids and prevents gravel in the urinary system and gallbladder.

We hope that Boris continues to feel better with a balanced diet, consistent use of natural supplements and lots of care and love.

Photo of a black cat laying down on a bed with his belly up to illustrate inflammatory bowel disease in cats.
He’s been back on the right track, and we are so pleased. All of my experiences with NHV have been very positive. Thank you!

No, thank you Laurène for being such a wonderful furmama!

We are very happy to guide precious furmilies dealing with inflammatory bowel disease in cats or any gastrointestinal issues. Reach out to our Pet Experts any time. We are always here for you and your furkiddo!  

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NHV Pet Experts

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Published: August 29, 2022

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