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Cancer Fighter Pack (Cancer Kit 4)

PetOmega 3, Milk Thistle, ES-Clear, Turmeric

USD $173.80
Cancer Fighter Pack (Cancer Kit 4) USD $173.80 Add to Cart

NHV Tails: Fluffy’s Cancer Scare

Inspiring Pet Tails < 1 min read
Fluffy's Cancer Scare

Meet Fluffy! This adorable cat’s owner Andrew reached out to us after a cancer scare. Veterinarians found a mass in Fluffy’s intestines during a recent visit. After going through a biopsy, we are happy to report the mass is not malignant!

all-natural, holistic formulas to help with detoxification

Looking for a way to boost Fluffy’s health, Andrew reached out to the team at NHV. They will be using our all-natural, holistic formulas to help with detoxification and to boost Fluffy’s immune system. Thank you for sharing your story Andrew and we wish you and Fluffy all the best!

Which lumps and bumps can be cancerous? Read here.

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NHV Pet Experts

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Published: October 1, 2014

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