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Arthritis and Joint Pain Super Relief Kit

Old Timer, Turmeric & Yucca

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A therapy dog, her autistic human and a promise to be there

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A therapy dog, her autistic human and a promise to be there

For her autistic son, their dog Hope is like a second mom. Hope is everything a dog is to a family – a friend, a comedian, a protector, a child. But Hope is also therapy. For the last 9 years, Hope had been helping her autistic human cope with the episodes his condition would bring. She would bark and chase him until he would calm down again.

One day 9-year old Hope woke up paralyzed. The family was struck with grief. They couldn’t imagine Hope being taken away from their lives, but more importantly, from 23-year old Seth’s life.

When this worried mom found us, the vets had already prepared her for the worst. They suspected cancer and needed to do more tests. But even then they weren’t sure if Hope would live. She couldn’t even imagine how this would affect her son Seth. She didn’t want to imagine.

But she was left alone to decide the future course of action.

She tried explaining to the vets that she suspected it was a red tick bite that caused the loss of muscle movement. But she was left alone to decide the future course of action. Was she going to gather funds to get Hope tested for cancer, and then wait for a miracle to get her walking again, or was she going to find something to help her muscles regain some strength first? She decided on the latter.

Seth has PDD Autism, ADHD, Bipolar, OCD, and Epilepsy. He is now 23 years old. Hope is our son’s second mommy.  If Seth acts up or won’t listen to me, Hope goes after him and chases and barks at him till he listens. She is a very unique dog.

therapy dogs for autism
Hope dog autism therapy dog NHV

Back in February 2017.  She was bit by a red deer tick, unknown to us at the time. The next morning she could barely walk with both hind legs. We found the tick and removed it.

tick bite paralysis in dogs and herbal support for it

When I took her to the vet, they told us that she probably had cancer and that we needed to prepare for the worst. I wasn’t about to accept that. They drew some fluid near the sore and said there were unknown cells there which usually means cancer. I explained that I thought that it was tick bite paralysis and they said no, we don’t believe so. But they would check for $500. We didn’t have that kind of money. My husband is a police officer in a small town and the salary isn’t much especially take care of the three of us.

Helpless, this mother had to take the matter into her own hands. She wasn’t ready to give up. She needed Hope to fight this through. And she was ready to give it all she could. ‘She is our autistic son’s therapy dog. Please help if you can.’ That’s the message we received from her. And we immediately responded with recommendations.

Hope dog NHV herbal pet suppements

I started doing research and found that homemade food is better for dogs.  So I started making her food by adding the flaxseed, vitamin e, MSM powder, and vitamin powder.  I also started administering the NHV Turmeric, Yucca, and Old Timer supplements on a daily basis. I went all-natural.

I am wholeheartedly excited to say our Hope is still with us. Running and playing just as well as she was. I praise god that this company has developed such supplements to help our fur babies. Hope, with these supplements, has recovered 99% full mobility in her legs. She can now run and jump and play as she did before.

hope dog tick bite paralysis

If it wouldn’t be for these supplements Hope our precious fur baby might not be with us today.  Hope really is our son’s second mommy. And we are so happy that she’s still in our family.

We all want our pets to be healthy and to live with us for as long as can be. But when pets have such important roles to play, it becomes even more important to take the right steps towards their wellbeing. We can’t be more thankful to this doting mother for trusting us. With all our heart, we wish Seth and Hope many years of laughter, fun, and comfort together. We are there to help this mom keep her promise to her family.

Old Timer is an all-natural supplement for older pets fighting arthritis, hip dysplasia, IVDD, hip, and joint discomfort. Yucca is a great herbal extract for building muscle strength and relieving discomfort. It is also a great inflammatory. Turmeric is a super herb that helps the cardiovascular system, promotes blood circulation, and naturally heals and supports the body’s vitals. She loves these blends and they seem to be working really well for her dog (her review follows). But we shall keep tweaking Hope’s regimen as time passes.

I love this product.  Our pup is our autistic son’s therapy dog and she is so much a part of our family.  If your pup or kitty has arthritis you have to try these supplements they will amaze you. God Bless you all for the wonderful ‘hope’ providing supplements.
seth nhv
Hope dog autism therapy dog NHV

Please reach out[/blockquote] to us to find out how you can help your pet start his or her holistic journey towards a healthier and longer life. We’d love to help you enjoy the special relationship you have with your pet while supporting your furkid holistically. We really love your pets, naturally!

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Published: February 23, 2018

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