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Supraglan™ for cats

Support for adrenal dysfunction, Cushing’s and Addison’s disorders for cats

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Jasmine the Boston Terrier’s coat starts filling in soon after starting NHV Supraglan

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Jasmine the Boston Terrier’s coat starts filling in soon after starting NHV Supraglan

NHV Supraglan is a unique herbal blend that can help fight adrenal gland dysfunction.

The onset of Cushing’s disease can be a long, slow process. One of the first signs of this disease is excessive thirst and urination. You may find that you’re refilling your pet’s water bowl more often. They may be asking to go outside more frequently. Paired with this, you may find that your well-trained dog is suddenly having accidents in the house. Pet parent Michelle noticed her girl, Jasmine was exhibiting external symptoms. A common side effect of Cushing’s is hair loss, which can then cause a side effect, such as Calcinosis Cutis. This causes the skin to form calcium deposits in the skin.

Dog mom, Michelle recently shared a wonderful update on Jasmine’s condition:

During 2017 my dog Jasmine was starting to lose her hair a little but we didn’t think much of it and then eventually she started to have accidents in the house. Which she was usually really good about making sure she went outside. My vet suspected Cushing’s so we got antibiotics for a possible UTI. While she was treated for 2 weeks the calcinosis cutis spread all over. After the cortisol test, we finally started 8 days on (pharmaceutical name removed). We had to wait 3 weeks (which was around 1/8/18) before we did a maintenance dose. While we waited I started her back on the Supraglan. The first picture from 1/9 shows some of the Calcinosis cutis but also how some hair grew back. I don’t have one with it full-blown but it was terrible! 
Dog showing hair loss with cushings
One month later. By the second picture, she has all her hair back and the blackheads on her belly cleared up! The Calcinosis cutis was so bad that my vet anticipated  4-6 months before her hair would grow back! He will be pleasantly surprised to see the difference when I take her back in March for blood work. 
Dog showing hair gain despite cushings after one month of using NHV

NHV Supraglan is a unique herbal blend that can help fight adrenal gland dysfunction. This may be very beneficial for dogs with diseases like Cushing’s and Addison’s. With herbs like borage, astragalus, bistort, and eleuthero, Supraglan regulates water and electrolyte levels, produces hormones that help control appetite, and helps your pet’s body respond to stress and inflammation. Supraglan is one of our most popular remedies and pet parents often have amazing stories of recovery to share with us.

We are delighted to hear the wonderful news of Jasmine’s speedy recovery. With the help of Supraglan, Jasmine was able to get relief from her symptoms, naturally. Here are some other happy tails of dogs with Cushing’s that you might want to read!

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NHV Pet Experts

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Published: February 20, 2018

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  1. Team NHV says:

    Hi Ian,

    Thank you so much for reaching out to us.

    We’re so sorry to hear that your sweetheart is dealing with MMM and calcinosis cutis. We can’t imagine how uncomfortable and scary this must be for your sweetie. Please know that our team is always here for you, for anything you need.

    Our first recommendation, to address the calcinosis cutis would be our Supraglan supplement. Supraglan can help to improve the body’s response to stress and inflammation, support liver function, and stimulates adrenal gland function.

    More on Supraglan here:

    To support your sweetheart’s MMM, we suggest our Stimmune as well as our Yucca supplements. When used together, these supplements can help to maintain the immune system, support uncomfortable symptoms like itchiness, and can reduce inflammation.

    More on Stimmune here:

    More on Yucca here:

    We hope this information helps! Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions whatsoever, our team is always here for you.

    Sending all our love and healing vibes your way!

    Yours in wellness,
    Team NHV

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