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Arthritis and Joint Pain Super Relief Kit

Old Timer, Turmeric & Yucca

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Patches my little miracle – a cat mom’s tale of rescue and love

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Patches my little miracle – a cat mom’s tale of rescue and love

When cat mom Julie brought a scared Patches home she knew the rescuing wasn’t yet over.

At a young age, she already had severe arthritis.

Patches had been abandoned by her first family after possibly having kittens and not being cared for. The house she was then taken into was caught in heavy fire and Patches was one of the few lucky cats who made it out alive. After being rescued by the firefighters, Patches finally came home to Julie in 2005. At a young age, she already had severe arthritis. As she grew older, the damage from her younger years started affecting her health. In 2017, she was diagnosed with early-stage of kidney failure. Patches needed all the love and health support Julie could give. This is the story of how this little trooper showed her mom, she wasn’t going to let her past ruin her present.

The rest of the tale is in the words of Julie, Patches’ Mom.

Her name is Patches officially…. but she likes Bear. She is a rescue I adopted in March 2005.

She is truly on her 9th life as she was abandoned, rescued by a “crazy cat lady” in Sacramento whose house burned down with many cats and all the paperwork burned up in the fire. The fire department saved Patches along with some other cats in a room. They say the door to that room was completely black. To this day I can’t even light my barbecue without her running inside – as you know cats never forget anything!

I believe she had arthritis way back then – I can tell she had kittens at one point. If she was not cared for properly that may have leached the calcium out of her body or it’s congenital? I’m just trying to keep her walking with her severe crippling arthritis, the start of kidney failure, and the stroke she had a year ago. But she’s the happiest cat loves life …oh yes. Super intelligent as many calicos are. She’s mostly blind from hypertension before and later the kidney diagnosis caused her retinas to detach. She has regained a bit of vision since I got her into an ophthalmologist right away. But what a trooper!

Patches cat kidney failure NHV

I was using Vetionx for a very long time until they had a recall & then would only reimburse me the products I had not opened yet which was about five out of 13 bottles that were contaminated? They had about 40 ingredients in it (no lie) which my vet was a little wary of. I had never seen NHV before, and really like the fact that one product had only five ingredients and the other had six and completely different ingredients so I thought why not give it a try I’m not going to wait for the other ones to fix their problem my cat needs something NOW. I bought both Old Timer for cats & Tripsy for cats. 

She had been on these products for two months. She had a kidney recheck on the 19th of December. She was at the very beginning of renal failure and it had improved before I started the Tripsy supplement so I wanted to see where she lays three months later.  Her arthritis was so severe and crippling that she has in-home acupuncture. It will be hard to tell what Old Timer does as she naturally gets worse, despite glucosamine and injections and she has been limping more so it is hard to say exactly how much it’ll do for her but I can’t imagine it not helping in some factor, especially the Turmeric.

Patches cat miracle turanroud kidney failure

(Then came the day of the recheck)

Tripsy – my Christmas Miracle! I was waiting for proof and I got it yesterday! I printed all the stuff on the kidney formula Tripsy & Old Timers for arthritis to give to my vet to see. This is her internist of many specialists. When she came in to give me her test results for her kidneys she said “her kidneys …” and hesitated and I thought the ball was about to drop. My heart sank. Then she touched the papers with the NHV info and said ” I know all of these ingredients, I don’t know what they do for the kidneys… but something is working! She has improved so much they’re basically back in the normal range!!“ From 6 months. stage one renal failure to basically zero after 2 months on Tripsy! Thank you for making such a miraculous formula!!! Beyond excited and relieved… I’m sure it will help you also!

I think her vet expected her to be probably in stage 2 renal failure by then but got the miraculous basically return to normal test results. Thank you for giving her so much attention

P.S. At 16/17 years and with a chronic condition they need to be on the therapeutic dose. Her renal failure diagnosis was 7 months ago, diagnosed the same time as her hypertension which they think she probably had for some time and could’ve contributed to her stroke but no one ever checked for that?? Four months after the diagnosis I started her on Tripsy and Old Timers and two months later was the scheduled recheck.

cat patches kidney failure arthritis NHV

Everyone at NHV is overjoyed. Julie’s miraculous story is what we sincerely work for. We wish to continue helping these two have happy and healthy days ahead. A holistic treatment plan isn’t the same for all cats and dogs, and it is not the same throughout a pet’s life. Patches might need a higher dose of the Old Timer considering her arthritis is very severe. She might need to add Turmeric, to help reduce the inflammation and Yucca, to help ease the discomfort from those sore joints.

These three come together in a kit – Arthritis and Joint Pain Super Relief Kit

The kidney formula that Julie loves for Patches is  Tripsy. It is formulated to help support renal health in cats and dogs. It helps with all kinds of kidney, urinary or bladder-related problems.

Update from Patches’ Cat Mom – February 2018

Patches is on Old Timers and also gets in-home acupuncture every 21/2 weeks. (She started at once a week and we just got to go over two weeks.) She gets the professional strength over the counter [Pharmaceutical name removed] every morning (1 capsule mixed with food) I give a little bit of turmeric midday to evening (although I am not sure if she likes the taste, so much easier to hide in seafood such as Tiki Cat mackerel & sardine ( great health combo). I make sure she gets the dose of Old Timers am/pm for her SEVERE crippling arthritis and Tripsy for her kidneys (which by the way brought her kidney values back to normal!). Her specialized orthopedic vet gave up on her over a year ago -it is that bad – and said to just keep her as comfortable as I could for as long as I could. That led me on my quest to find solutions and discover NHV products. I have [pharmaceutical name removed] that I have not used in a long time as she is doing as well as she possibly could under the circumstances. The combination of Old Timer, [pharmaceutical], and acupuncture have kept her going! She gets the Old Timers (9-12 drops 2x/day) and for the price, it’s going to cost you- maybe $15 a month if you break it down doing therapeutic doses? WELL worth it! I would get the Old Timer first and then add some of the others in later if you need it. PS.. Her acupuncturist is so impressed she called the company and she’s going to try to carry product to make it easier for her clients to get.

Update December 2018

Patches is continuing to do well and loves her NHV

Patches Shows Us Her NHV Supplement Regimen

We’re going to stay close to Patches and Julie to do what we can to help, naturally. If you have an aging pet or a rescue with a past, please get in touch with your NHV Pet Expert and give us a chance to help your pet live healthier, for longer.

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

We have a dedicated group of pet expert professionals, including veterinarians, vet techs, and other pet professionals to guide you through any questions. We’re committed to your pet’s wellness and can offer additional tips, resources, nutritional advice, and more.

Published: January 5, 2018

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