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Kidney Failure Super Support Kit

Vet-formulated aid for urinary tract and kidney disorders

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Stage 4 Kidney Disease in dogs and the journey after – Pancho’s tale

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Stage 4 Kidney Disease in dogs and the journey after – Pancho’s tale

When life is going along as usual, we may sometimes be blindsided when our fur babies fall ill. Often, they don’t display symptoms until what ails them has far advanced and we have to work quickly!

This is Pancho. Diagnosed with stage 4 kidney failure in July of 2018. He was a healthy 17-year-old chihuahua when he started to show signs of slowing down, His kidney levels were quite elevated and this worried his momma (Alyssa) quite a lot.

Kidney failure is a progressive disease so early detection and intervention will certainly play a role in extending their quality of life. Some times however, pets will not show any symptoms until it is quite advanced. Such was the case with Pancho.

Stages of kidney failure in dogs are numbered 1 – 4 with 4 being the most severe. This also means that the higher the stage corresponds to the greater number of symptoms displayed by your pet.

Symptoms of kidney failure include but are not limited to:

  • Excessive thirst and urination
  • Increased volume of urine leading to incontinence
  • Vomiting and/or diarrhea
  • Lack of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Lethargy
  • Anemia and/or jaundice
  • Overall weakness

When our pet displays these symptoms, it can be so alarming that we start to wonder “What can I do? Is it too late?“. We never know if what we do will have the outcome we so deeply desire. But we try! This was the promise Alyssa made to her little man Pancho. That she would always put his health first.

“I found Pancho my freshman year of High School on a busy Fresno, CA street. He was a stray and really afraid. That night I slept with him in the bathroom and we became best friends ever since! Pancho loved traveling, eating all the food, being protective of his mom and always being by my side.”

In the summer of 2018, Alyssa’s little man was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease. “He was eating less and loosing a little weight. He always had an appetite, so I knew something was off. I tried to change his food and he refused to eat kidney food. So I added the NHV supplements a few months after that.”

Alyssa found that upon starting his NHV regimen, he gained more energy and began his fight against this disease!

“I saw him have more energy and appetite! I was so happy that he had more energy and running in the backyard.”

With a lot of love, boops and snuggles from his Momma, Pancho lived out his last days like a little king. The little old man fought hard and lost his battle on June 10, 2019. His tiny paws and big heart have left a huge void behind.

“He was my little man and always by my side. My favorite memory is taking vacation during the holidays and baking at home, watching Christmas movies and dressing him up in Christmas sweaters! Pancho leaves behind his two sisters Olive Ann, Millie and two brothers Buster and Parker. We miss him so much, but we know we will see him again!”

chihuahua dog kidney disease

Pancho, you were a one of a kind Chihuahua and you will forever be in our hearts. We will miss seeing your adorable face and those cute humble eyes.

Finding a treatment regimen that works for your pet can be difficult at times as each pet’s symptoms vary and some may respond to treatments and some may not. The point is, many patients in later stage kidney failure are able to live longer with quality care and attention. Diet plays an important role for pets with kidney disease. Consult with your veterinarian and feed a low but high quality protein diet and supplement with Tripsy and Milk Thistle. This will help to alleviate inflammation and allow the kidneys to function as normally as is possible.

I ordered the kidney failure kit and I see it helping my  with kidney disease.

Pancho lived to be almost 18 years old and the way his mom was able to take care of him shows that it is never too late to support your pet with kidney disease. Holistic regimens are rewarding even in the golden days.

We recommend all pet parents to reach out to us when their pets are healthy and young. But even if your pet is old and ill, don’t hesitate from reaching out. We will do what we can to make the days ahead comfortable and as discomfort free as can be. We love your pet, naturally.

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Published: September 9, 2019

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