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Bladder Strength and Urinary Tract Health Kit

Tripsy, Milk Thistle & Yucca

USD $131.85
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Supporting Urinary Tract Infection and Bladder Crystals in Cats

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Supporting Urinary Tract Infection and Bladder Crystals in Cats

Recurring health issues are often a reason how some pets end up getting abandoned in their golden years. Fortunately, there are parents like those of #NHVpets who will make sure their pets find the support they need. Clarissa took matters into her hands and provided her cat with the best holistic support for her recurring UTIs.

Clarissa’s cat was showing two distinct symptoms, and both seemed related to the urinary function. Her kitty started to develop calcium deposits and granules in her bladder, suggesting a urinary disorder. She would pee on the floor instead of the litter box due to a Urinary Tract Infection.

Determined to help her little one, Clarissa found a holistic solution with NHV Tripsy. Within a week Busty bounced back to being a happy cuddly self.

My older “found” kitty of indeterminate age was having horrible issues w/UTI’s and specifically crystal build-up. We try to go all-natural & I didn’t want to put her on any of the prescription foods from the vet but she was really struggling with urinating inside on the floor instead of outside like she had her whole life. She was even yowling when she went, it sounded so painful. 🙁 She was definitely telling us something was very wrong. I found the NHV Tripsy through a Google search and am so incredibly thrilled! The ingredient list plus all the reviews made me really hopeful. It took about a week to work so I was getting a little bit skeptical but then it seemed overnight she just went back to normal! She’s asking to go outside now and is back to being her cuddly, happy self. I couldn’t be happier and tell everyone about these products.
NHV tripsy for cat Busty

Curious to know more about her kitty we got in touch with Clarissa. The first question we asked was, of course, why the name ‘Busty’? ‘Because she was all busted up when we found her. 😏’ That’s really special.

She was a very skittish girl who was on the property when we moved in 6 years ago so we’re not even sure how old she is but she’s slowing down. Now she sleeps in the bed every night & is my love so I was thrilled when Tripsy got rid of the crystals & UTI issues we couldn’t find a solution for.
Cat and dog sitting together urinary tract infection
She’s a goofball & loves her brother Mr. Jones the dog.
Busty-Cat-On-Tripsy-By-NHV urinary tract infection
She sleeps like this a lot of the time! She’s either curled up into ridiculous balls or completely sprawled out on her back.
pets standing outside home urinary tract infection
Clarissa’s furkids waiting for their dad to come home on the weekend

We are very pleased to be part of the healthy recovery of Clarissa’s kitty. We thank her for believing in us and we are excited about the cuddly and comforting days ahead.

Our herbal blend, Tripsy, successfully supports the health of cats as well as dogs. Tripsy is a soothing yet effective natural blend to support all kinds of kidney, urinary and bladder-related disorders. Please talk to your NHV Pet Expert today to find out if Tripsy is the supplement that your pet needs.

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NHV Pet Experts

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Published: August 27, 2019

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