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Multi Essentials for Pocket Pets

Herbal multivitamin, digestive aid and energy booster for small pets

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Are small exotic pets the perfect match for your family?

Pet Care Tips 6 min read
small exotic pets

Tiny and personable, small exotic pets like bunnies, hamsters, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, and ferrets are becoming more common as household pets. However, there is often a misconception about these furkiddos. Many people think that they are easier to take care of, less demanding, and less costly than dogs or cats. But these little animals actually require massive amounts of time, energy, and money to keep them healthy and happy. Learn all about some of the most common small exotic pets and find out if they are a good match for your family!

Bunnies – the hoppy furballs

Are small exotic pets the perfect match for your family?

These floppy-eared friends were originally kept as pure farm animals. When the Roman empire expanded, trade between countries grew, which led bunnies to houses and gardens, where they can do their happy binky dance in peace.

Bunnies are social animals, so they need constant companionship to avoid emotional suffering and loneliness. That’s why it is better to have two bonded bunnies instead of one.

To further help support a bunny’s quality of life, we recommend adding Multi Essentials and Stimmune to their diet.

NHV Multi Essentials can help fill dietary gaps, aid digestion, and promote strong muscles and bone growth. It is high in vitamins and minerals to ensure furkiddos get all the goodness.  

Bunnies require a quiet environment that makes them feel safe and secure.

NHV Stimmune can help support the immune system of a rabbit. As they are prone to viral and bacterial infections like Rabbit Viral Hemorrhagic Disease and Snuffles. Stimmune can help support autoimmune conditions, and skin allergies, and help strengthen the body against any infections. It can safely act as proactive care.

Bunnies require a quiet environment that makes them feel safe and secure. In addition, they don’t often tolerate being held closely or carried, as their backs and legs are fragile, so they may respond by struggling or scratching. Hence, they are better for families with older children and adults.

Hedgehogs – the charming twinkles

Are small exotic pets the perfect match for your family?

These gorgeous land urchins have been around for over 15 million years! They have amazingly well-designed spines that protect them from predators and bring them into the spotlight of literature, such as Mrs. Tiggywinkle and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Unlike many other small pets, hedgehogs are solitary animals, so they prefer to be housed alone and need space to explore. They are most active at night and require an exercise wheel to keep fit.

We recommend Turmeric and Tripsy as proactive care for hedgehogs.

NHV Turmeric extract has high anti-inflammatory and nutritive properties that can help promote overall vitality, help support eye health, and help provide many beneficial properties like anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, and antifungal.

NHV Tripsy can help support kidney function, help break down kidney calculi, and help soothe irritated tissues in the urinary tract.

Hedgehogs don’t demand a lot of attention from family members as other small exotic pets might. Despite this, they can interact well with their human companions. It is best to spend at least 15 minutes a day with your hedgie to create a bond. Hence, busy single adults and couples may find hedgehogs an ideal pet in their life. 

Ferrets – the witty scooters

Are small exotic pets the perfect match for your family?

These adorable hunters gained popularity 1000 years ago after they proved to be effective pest hunters not only on land but also on ships.

Like cats, ferrets love to nap and sleep for about 20 hours a day. And when they are awake, they love to bounce around all day long due to their social nature. They can get lonely easily, so it is recommended to have a pair of ferrets instead of just one.

Hairb-Ez and Echo Gold are good options to start with to help keep a ferret healthy.

Untamed ferrets may be finicky, so spend a lot of time with them to build trust and handle them gently.

NHV Hairb-Ez helps dissolved ingested hairs, and it can be very helpful for ferrets as they tend to groom themselves a lot but cannot vomit the hairballs out.

NHV Echo Gold is a natural ear cleaning solution that can help reduce infections, help heal inflammation in the ear canal, and help inhibit bacteria and yeast. Put this bottle under hot water for 30 seconds to warm it up and use it with ear wax.

Untamed ferrets may be finicky, so spend a lot of time with them to build trust and handle them gently. However, ferrets are generally lovable and playful small exotic pets. That’s why they are often better for families with children.

Hamsters – the speedy climbers

Are small exotic pets the perfect match for your family?

These tiny hamsters used to have a nickname of “Mr. Saddlebags” for their roomy cheek pouches that are often full of loots.  

Hamsters are active pets that require a lot of stimulation and exercise to reduce stress and keep them calm. However, hamsters don’t like to share space so it is best to keep just one in their own cage.

To help provide nutrients and prevent kidney issues, we recommend Tripsy and Multi Essentials.

NHV Tripsy contains beneficial herbs like echinacea purpurea, gravel root, and parsley piert to help inhibit fungal and bacterial infections and help prevent kidney stones.

NHV Multi Essentials can help fill out nutrition voids and help provide plenty of vitamins and minerals to these little furballs.

Hamsters, especially the Syrian hamsters, are generally good with humans. They are funny, adventurous, have a calm temperament, and love to talk! Given their simple lifestyle and loving nature, these chubby small exotic pets could fit in with any household.

Guinea pigs – the squeaky chompers

Guinea pig

The “pig” in guinea pigs’ name originated from the squeaky sound they make. And “guinea” is said to originate from their cost at the time.

Guinea pigs are herd animals, so they thrive when they live with other bonded small exotic pets alike. They tend to get timid and shy, so the presence of other guinea pigs can help them feel more confident and happy.

Adding more fulfilling nutrients and vitamins to a guinea pig’s diet can help keep their fur coat looking smooth and shiny. We recommend Multi Essentials and PetOmega 3.

NHV Multi Essentials helps ensure your little furkiddos are loaded with vitamins and minerals that can help improve digestion and help support the overall vital organs of the body.

NHV PetOmega 3 promotes healthy cell growth and helps support muscles and joints. It can be beneficial for guinea pigs as they are prone to arthritis.

Guinea pigs’ spines are fragile and if you don’t hold them in the right way, you can easily hurt their back. Holding this little furball requires precision and the ability to understand whether they want to be picked up or not. Hence, they are best for household with older children and adults.

Are you ready to have a small exotic pet(s)?

Keep in mind that you can always bring a furry, scaly or feathered home as long as you plan out a long-term budget and care plan. If you are able to commit to caring for them, small exotic pets can be an adorable addition to your family.

The initial adoption cost of small exotic pets may be low, but be prepared to spend money on housing, food, and pet-proof supplies. Medical bills of exotic pets might be higher than conventional pets, such as dogs or cats, as it is usually more difficult to find specified exotic veterinarians, so research vet clinics for your pet early on.

If you’d like to find out more natural support options for your small exotic pet, check out our NHV Pet Health blogs, and don’t hesitate to chat with one of our pet experts by clicking on the button below!

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NHV Pet Experts

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Published: September 12, 2022

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