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Coco Coping With Dog Back Pain

Inspiring Pet Tails 3 min read
Coco, a Border Collie with dog back pain standing on rocks behind a lake. She is looking at the camera.

Our furry friends love running around and chasing creatures, and we certainly wouldn’t want them to halt these activities due to back pain. However, with aging, the risk of joint and muscle discomfort in dogs increases, and it becomes harder to recover. So, how can we naturally support dog back pain? Coco here, and her wonderful furmom Yoshie might be able to share some insights!

Coco’s Story

She is a 10 year-and-9 month-old Border Collie. She used to be so athletic, run so fast and jump so high. She is an amazing athlete of a dog.

Like any sporty dog, Yoshie’s sweet girl is prone to joint and muscle injuries. This is very much like how we might pull a muscle or two during a workout.

She hurt her back last spring. A dog jumped on her back and she came up limping. That lasted a while but she seemed to have recovered with just rest. Then last August, friends took her on a big hike and she came home messed up. She was lame for 4 days with her low back hunched—she was in so much pain she couldn’t get up. She seemed to have a compressed spine (in 2 spots—low back and between shoulder blades).

Various signs may indicate that your little one is experiencing dog back pain. Besides limping and lameness, your pup may also walk stiffly, hold their head low when walking, or even undergo mood and behavioral changes due to the pain they are enduring. Please visit a vet right away once you notice these symptoms!

To address Coco’s discomfort, her furmom Yoshie took these proactive steps:

I started to cook for her, take her on multiple therapies such as chiropractic, shock wave, massage, laser, and red light. She recovered gradually to the point she was able to resume her hikes/swims, but whenever she went on a big one, she limped the following day. With all the therapies and rest and medications, she was more or less okay.

Natural Support for Dog Back Pain

Signs of dog back pain include limping, lameness, stiff walking, low head posture, and notable mood and behavioral changes.

For additional support, Yoshie gave our supplements a try! In June, she met someone on a meditation retreat who had incredible insights about her sweet girl’s condition. After showing her a photo of Coco, she recommended NHV products.

The herbal supplements Yoshie has been giving Coco are NHV Old Timer, NHV Turmeric, and NHV Yucca in our Arthritis and Joint Pain Super Relief Kit. They work together to help reduce inflammation, help your little one manage joint and muscle discomfort (including dog back pain), and help them regain their bounce – and we are beyond happy that they have helped Coco regain hers!

Since then, Coco seemed to have completely recovered from her issues. She now can go on a big hike without limping the following day. She’s happier and more active also. Your products were either a complete cure or the final missing piece. Of course, I’m still taking her to chiropractic and other therapies on a monthly maintenance basis. I just want to continue on what’s been working. My skeptical friend who often takes care of Coco and has been there for her entire injury is also a believer in your products. Anyway, thanks for making these awesome products!

Thank YOU for being such an amazing furmama, Yoshie!

Coco’s LATEST updates (November 30, 2023):

Coco with Dog Back Pain hiking a snowy mountain and taking a picture at the peak, smiling
She is doing so great! We have stopped giving her pharmaceuticals altogether and she’s only on NHV arthritis stuff. We increased distances/frequencies of her hikes too. Everyone is surprised and delighted with her recovery. At almost 11, she has a lot of energy, and we have been giving her extra exercise every other day on top of her regular walks.

Yay! We hope Coco and Yoshie can keep going on many fantastic walks and hikes together!!

If you want to check out more inspiring pet tales, be sure to browse through our blogs! And if there have any questions or concerns you’d like us to help address or clarify – don’t be shy to reach out! Start your pet’s wellness journey today.

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Published: December 5, 2023

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