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They almost lost her to lyme and diabetes, but Hazel wasn’t going to break her pawmise

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They almost lost her to lyme and diabetes, but Hazel wasn’t going to break her pawmise

Hazel had been rejected by a family in the past and labeled a biter. She was up to be euthanized when Christine found her as a 3-month old and decided to give this baby girl another chance at life by fostering her. Hazel loved her foster home and opened up to embrace everything in it. The love and warmth of this ‘biter’ resulted in a foster fail. Christine had found a lovable furkid and Hazel had found her family, a human and a furry one. All of Christine’s furkids trusted Hazel to guard them in the rural country place where they reside. Hazel had found her pack and a happy story began. A promise to be there for each other, in good times and bad.

Hazel dog with diabetes guarding her country home

In the 11 years, she had been with her family, Hazel had never been sick. But one unfortunate night she fell so ill, they thought they almost lost their beloved country girl. Hazel was found to be suffering from not one, but two potentially debilitating diseases. This is the story of Hazel and her promise to protect her pack. She was going to keep the promise, but Christine needed some natural help to keep hers. The rest of the story is in the words of Christine, Hazel’s rescue mom.

Hazel dog with diabetes walking in snow in country side of New York
My name is Christine and my Fiancé and I live in Adirondacks N.Y. with 2 dogs, 3 cats, 4 hens, and a Roo! My dog Hazel, she is going on 11 yr old, she is around 50lb. Chow mix, spayed female. I have had Hazel since 2007. She was only a few months old then. She had been brought up to N.Y. from S. Carolina as a 6 wk old pup. A family adopted her and had her till 3 months old. That situation did not work out, their Vet told them she would be a biter and they should euthanize her! Hazel dog with diabetes walking in snow in the countryside of New York She was immediately taken back by rescuers. One of the women (rescuer) was my pet sitting client and she asked if I would foster/ train Hazel who was “Brandy” then. Well, foster turned out to be a fail and became history. I can’t say she wasn’t or isn’t a tad difficult/ moody but she has never bitten anyone. She is a good guard dog, loyal, and protects the chicken flock. I have worked with animals pretty much my whole life, including Vet Tech.

I have seen a lot of sick, dying animals and have cared for many as well. I live in a very rural area and getting medical care quickly is not an option. I saw subtle changes in thirst and occasional limp on one front leg. I was treating her limp with some other natural supplements but almost overnight she went from never being sick, to deathly ill. She was showing signs of not only full-blown diabetes but Lyme as well! Took her to the vet the very next day and she was indeed diabetic (sugar was off the chart). The test came back the following day with a positive for Lyme…. So grateful for all the years of experience, medical and personal with many sick aging pets of my own. I have been doing more natural remedies with my pets for some time now and I see the benefits.

I did a bunch of research as I had already known of your company; read the amazing reviews of dogs that were also on Mellit, which was enough to persuade me. Hazel dog with diabetes guarding her country home Hazel went from drinking bowls of water, urinating everywhere to the point of walking and it coming out before getting outside. She had hind leg neuropathy so bad she could barely get up or walk, needing assistance to pee without falling in her own urine. She was listless, weak, having diarrhea, and didn’t want to eat, it was bad! I had to wait the weekend to bring her back to Vet to start insulin. I had ordered the NHV Mellit and it came within a few days. Within a few days of her getting it, there was a slight improvement but after a week of being on it, Hazel was like a new dog! All of the neuropathy and weakness were gone. Her appetite was great again, along with stable blood sugar on a very minimal dose mind you. Her eyes were bright and she was back to her alert, spunky, chipmunk chasing self. A true miracle!

I did change her to a special cooked diet as per a Holistic Vet I saw in Vermont. I do have her on a couple of other supplements for her legs and inflammation. I will say this though for any skeptics who may question that the NHV alone is the cause for the incredible turnaround. I had to briefly take her off because of low funds and she started to limp on the front leg again daily. She also had been a urine leaker since a puppy and that had all but gone away on the NHV and had started again since being off of it. Her sugar was also a little elevated, so NHV is definitely a wonderful, effective natural supplement and it has absolutely been the reason for her major turnaround. Hazel’s dog with diabetes and Lyme posing with her NHV pet supplements As a side note, I had to give a list of supplements that I was giving her for the Holistic consultation, to my surprise the Vet told me they have their own blend very similar. I knew then and there that giving my pet the NHV was the right decision. Thank you for making quality supplements that truly work! Sincerely, Christine and Hazel 🐕

Luckily Christine was able to provide Hazel with relief from her frustrating symptoms with a combination of NHV  supplements. Thanks to herbal help, Christine was able to keep her promise to her sweet girl Hazel. She can manage the symptoms of Hazel’s illnesses and is now able to help her live life to the fullest, protecting the chickens and chasing chipmunks once again!

hazel dog lyme disease and her pack

Our recommendations for Lyme disease in pets:

Lyme disease is a very under-diagnosed disease in pets. Many pet parents mistake the symptoms of Lyme disease for normal signs of aging. (Lethargy, weakness, joint discomfort) Our Old Timer supplement is great support for inflamed joints. It soothes uncomfortable joints, decreases inflammation, and boosts the immune system. We also recommend a holistic regimen that includes an immune booster like NHV Natures Immuno. Lyme can bring infections of various kinds and hence, NHV Felimm will help a pet fighting this disease. It is natural support against viral, bacterial and fungal infections. The neurological damage from Lyme will need some help to reduce stress and anxiety. NHV Lesstress for dogs and NHV Matricalm for cats will help keep them calm and also support their nervous system.

Hazel dog with diabetes and lyme posing with her NHV pet supplements

With Lyme disease and diabetes, Hazel was likely feeling pretty terrible! Mellit is great support for diabetes. It helps to bring the blood sugar down and alleviates symptoms such as excessive drinking and urinating.

We are thrilled that Hazel is back to her normal hen guarding duties! We wish Hazel many more happy years of romping around the countryside with her mom and her pack! We are there to help this mom and pop duo keep their promises.

Please get in touch with your NHV Pet Expert to find out how you can help keep your pets stay comfortable and healthy using the therapeutic powers of herbs. Just like Hazel and Christine, we’d love to help you keep your pawmise. Because a pawmise, is forever. 🙂

NHV Pet Experts

NHV Pet Experts

We have a dedicated group of pet expert professionals, including veterinarians, vet techs, and other pet professionals to guide you through any questions. We’re committed to your pet’s wellness and can offer additional tips, resources, nutritional advice, and more.

Published: February 3, 2018

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