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Old Timer for dogs

Natural dog joint support to alleviate arthritis, muscle, and joint discomfort

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Forever Young: Helping Koa With Canine Arthritis

Inspiring Pet Tails 2 min read
Forever Young: Helping Koa With Canine Arthritis

As our pets age, their bodies change, and daily routines may need to adjust to give them a little extra support. Whether you raised your furkiddo from a young puppy or they have come into your life with a frosted face, watching them age can be difficult. As pet parents, we need to cherish every moment we have and remember to have lots of patience and lend a little extra support.

Pet parent Jessica @kc_homestead has impressed us with her patience, unending love, and constant support for her senior pets, particularly with her 10-year-old dog, Koa. They have always had an active outdoor lifestyle and being mobile is an important part of that. Seeing Koa age and develop canine arthritis is difficult but she cherishes every moment and makes sure he is living life to the fullest.

Last year, Koa tore his ACL and needed surgery to help repair it. The recovery process from such surgery often means not being able to be as mobile or walk around much for a long time.

He gained a lot of weight during this time and was having a lot of trouble even just walking. We had to carry him up the stairs with a sling.

Jessica decided to try Old Timer to help him get some more of his mobility back…

So we started using Old Timer which gave him increased energy and mobility. I am proud to say he has since lost 30 pounds and has SO much energy. He even runs! We also recently adopted a 13-year-old Boston Terrier who had rear leg muscle loss and issues walking. We started him on the Old Timer as well and he is getting around so much better. He’s able to keep up like a champ on our walks!

We recently checked in with Jessica to see how Koa is doing and got this great update:

Everyone is doing well. Koa is doing great. He is a 10-year-old puppy. Truman our 13-year-old is also doing well on the Old Timer. Walking much better.

Koa’s journey goes to show that even a dog with arthritis in his golden years can become a pup again with the right support and a lot of love. Our advice to all pet parents out there with senior dogs is to never lose hope and be there to make even the most ordinary moments memories that you will cherish forever.

Sending lots of love to Koa, his fur family, and his amazing pawrent Jessica, as he continues to live life to the fullest!

Update – February 2020

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Published: January 3, 2020

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