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Old Timer for cats

For Arthritis, Muscle and Joint Discomfort Relief in Cats.

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How Bianca Conquered Arthritis in Cats

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Arthritis in cats can be a tough condition to watch your little one go through. There are still so many ways to help your furkid with arthritis feel better, though!

Arthritis in cats is a very common condition that can cause a lot of discomfort for a kitty. For furparents, it can be especially hard to watch your sweetheart slow down and show difficulty in doing the things they normally do. If you can relate to this, we want you to know that there are so many ways that you can naturally support a kitty with arthritis and our friend Bianca is the purrfect example!

What is Arthritis in Cats?

Arthritis commonly affects areas like the hip, spine, knee, and elbows.

Arthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease or osteoarthritis, is a progressive condition that affects a cat’s joints. Arthritis is commonly associated with aging in furkiddos. It happens when cartilage, which normally would provide a cushion in the joints, breaks down, which allows the bones to rub together. This can cause discomfort, swelling, and inflammation. Arthritis commonly affects areas like the hip, spine, knee, and elbows.

What Are the Signs of Arthritis in Cats?

Earlier this year, Bianca’s furparents noticed that she had suddenly started to limp while walking.

She was hiding all the time due to the pain. We had a vet appointment 4 days later and she was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis Dissecans, a joint cartilage wear off. Due to her age, 13, surgery wasn’t recommended. And so we just have to continue with the supplements.

Kitties are very good at hiding their discomfort! However, the most obvious signs include:

How Bianca Battled Arthritis

They immediately started their precious girl on NHV Old Timer and NHV Yucca. A few days later, Bianca’s vet diagnosed her with osteochondritis dissecans, which is an abnormality in the development of bone from the cartilage. This causes a flap of cartilage to develop within the joints, causing discomfort and lameness.

As Bianca is now 13 years old, her veterinarian suggested against surgery, leaving Bianca and her furmily to rely solely on holistic support.

She started to walk out of her hiding spot to have meals and snuggles on 15 April. Since then she has been hiding less. From 20 April onwards it was clearly her limping was getting better each day. We could see she walked perfectly on the 27 April post. And 3 days later she was running with no problem at all.
How Bianca Conquered Arthritis in Cats

How NHV Supplements Support Joint Health

NHV Old Timer was formulated with your furkid’s joints and muscles in mind! It contains all-natural herbs like Guggul and Cayenne which can help to ease discomfort, reduce inflammation, and improve energy levels.

Yucca contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties, can help to reduce discomfort, and can stimulate appetite and aid in digestion.

Bianca’s Natural Results

We are so proud of Bianca and how far she’s come in so little time! Last time we checked with Bianca and her family, they shared some great news with us!

We were a bit surprised by the duration which the supplements come into effect, which we saw the results every 6-7 days. Thank you for the great products

We’re sending Bianca and her loved ones all our best wishes and good vibes!

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Published: September 8, 2023

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