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NHV Helped My Dog With Her Skin Infections

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NHV Helped My Dog With Her Skin Infections

Thank you to YooSung’s mom for sharing how NHV helped her 8-year-old girl with skin infections.

Above are pictures of my 8-year-old girl Yoon Sung (Korean Breed: Jindo).

Last year, she started with mild symptoms of skin infections so I began giving her medication whenever the symptoms appeared. However, this year the condition got worse (as you can see from the picture).

First, the symptoms would appear around her thigh and genital area. After taking the medication it would subside for a while. But soon it returned again, and when it did a red rash appeared all over her body, which turned into an infection. Due to the infection, she had a bad body odor and so much flack of dead skin.

The period of infection returning got shorter. Before the symptoms disappeared after taking 1 week of medication, but later she would have to take medication for 2 weeks for the symptoms to subside. The vet said that the condition is due to an allergy, atopy, and weak immunity.

After consulting with Jin, I purchased NHV Stimmune, NHV Alge-EX, and NHV Ouch Away.

Starting from Sept 2016, I gave her NHV products twice a day. At first, the symptoms got better, so I stopped giving her the medication and just gave her the NHV Stimmune and Alge-EX. It looked like it was getting better but soon the infection came back so we went back to the vet for more medication. However, that was the last medication that we got from the vet. Yoon Sung did not need the medication anymore.

After a full month of giving her NHV products, Yoon Sung did not suffer from infection, itchiness, and dead skin flacks. All GONE!

YoonSung is enjoying a comfortable life 🙂 Thanks to NHV”

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Published: December 2, 2016

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