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NHV’s Little Rescue: Chaya’s Story

NHV Behind The Scenes 4 min read
NHV’s Little Rescue: Chaya’s Story

The owner of NHV took the drive down to WA, where she met the sweet-faced fox rat terrier who hadn’t found her forever home yet.

If you’ve been following us on Facebook, you know that we’ve grown by one—and quite the one she is. With a personality that is larger than a life, a mind for mischief, and a heart as big as the sky, our little Chaya keeps us rolling in joyous laughter. We are all hopelessly in love.

This story starts a few weeks ago when we heard of a litter of fox rat terriers that needed rescuing. The owner of NHV took the drive down to WA, where she met the sweet-faced fox rat terrier who hadn’t found her forever home yet. Well, it was love at first sight, and Chaya was whisked off to Vancouver to wrap all the unsuspecting humans at NHV around her little paw.

NHV's rescued dog

Sadly, Chaya, like so many rescue dogs out there, was malnourished and has her share of health issues. She was skin and bones and weighed just under 2.5 lbs. We all got to work right away, giving Chaya highly nutritious home-cooked meals and supplementing with natural herbal remedies. She gets a variety of food, but her favorites are chicken liver and blueberry gumbo, beef heart stew (organ meat is particularly good for dogs); her absolute, just-can’t-wait-to-have-it dinner is braised lamb with veggies and yams.

In the morning Chaya gets goat’s milk with her breakfast. Goat’s milk contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, enzymes, fatty acids, and protein that are all incredibly beneficial for dogs. We would recommend goat’s milk for dogs that are malnourished or have chronic diseases like liver disease, kidney disease, diabetes, or poor digestion.

To help with the nutrition and have her build up immunity, Chaya gets a few different supplements. She was started on Multi Essentials, which has a variety of highly nutritious and vitamin and mineral-dense herbs (getting vitamins and minerals from plants is much more beneficial to the body than synthetic vitamins).

If getting a rescue pet, be sure to do a natural deworming.

With any rescue dog, there is always the chance for parasites, including worms. So, we started Chaya on the Inulin-PK twice a day. If getting a rescue pet, be sure to do a natural deworming. Although the shelter may inform you that the dogs have all been dewormed, a good parasite cleanses that is all-natural doesn’t hurt.

Chaya’s biggest problems, however, were her itchy skin and a terrible cough.

fox rat terrier

Itchy skin is common for short-haired animals like fox rat terriers. After consulting with our vets, including the amazing Dr. Raditic, it was suspected that the itchy skin was due to malnutrition. Getting the nutrition up to snuff can take weeks, and unfortunately, our poor Chaya was scratching herself raw in the meantime. We started her on the NHV Stimmune, ES Clear, Turmeric, and PetOmega 3 to help boost the immune system. We also began a strict bath time regime. Chaya is bathed in warm sudsy water every few days to help with the itchy skin. We use a bit of Neem oil (you can buy this at any local health food store), and put a few drops into the warm water. We gently pour the water on her and let her soak in the Neem oil for a few minutes. Chaya uses a very mild Neem Shampoo, and we gently rub in circles to help stimulate the skin. After the bath, we towel her dry and put a bit of pure coconut oil mixed with neem oil and lavender oil on her body. Neem has antibacterial, antifungal properties and is beneficial for skin issues. Lavender oil is great to help calm the body and is also beneficial for demerits and dry, itchy skin. Between baths she gets the Ouch Away Spray which helps soothe the skin and promote hair growth. This regime has helped enormously, and our little Chaya’s itchy skin has improved dramatically.

The vets aren’t sure if Chaya’s cough is due to kennel cough (some of the other puppies had the same issue), or if it is a tracheal issue. To deal with this she gets Resp-Aid twice daily directly into her mouth. She loves the taste of it, and licks her lips after every dosage. Her cough too has improved, and we’re so grateful that our little Chaya (or Chaya Maya as she is affectionately called) is on her way to good health. You can follow her story on her very own Instagram page. She may be little but she likes to woof big things on her Instagram.

When it comes to rescues, do you, just like us, find yourself asking “I wonder… who rescued who?”

fox rat terrier

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Published: April 28, 2017

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